The Stranger / Neznanac

The Stranger / Neznanac by Ana Bilic - All Rights Reserved © 2018 Ana Bilic

A mini novel with vocabulary section for learners of Croatian with English introduction

by Ana Bilić

Level 2: Intermediate – up to 1,200 words 
For learners who are able to actively use the present, future and perfect tenses.

Veronika, a young woman from Zagreb, unconditionally wants to change her life: Despite her university degree, she works as a low-paid waitress and lives apart from her fiancé who has emigrated to Canada. She is beginning to lose hope of getting a visa to move to Canada. One day, under unusual circumstances, she meets a stranger on the bus who later seems to follow her at every turn. Finally, he offers Veronika to realize her dream but on one extraordinary condition. A story full of surprises.

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 Paperback (printed book)