The Silver Lamp / Srebrna lampa

Ana Bilic: The Silver Lamp / Srebrna lampa, © Copyright Kroatisch-leicht, Wien Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Kopieren, Vervielfältigen und Weitergabe an Dritte verboten.

A mini novel with vocabulary section for learners of Croatian with English introduction

by Ana Bilić

Level 0: Easystarts – up to 400 words Easystarts: Learners who can use Croatian actively in the present tense


John from Pittsburgh, US spends his holidays at his friends’ in Osijek, Croatia. While his friends are at work, John walks through the city, cooks lunch for them and also practices the Croatian language that his grandmother has taught him. One day John buys bread in the bakery, with the unusual name „The Silver Lamp“. After a while John finds out that the bakery is substantially connected to the past of his family and that he himself might relive that past. A heartwarming story.

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Audio Book:

The Silver Lamp / Srebrna lampa
Audio book as a mini novel in Croatian – Level: Easystarts by Ana Bilić
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The Silver Lamp / Srebrna lampa

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