The Extraordinary Challenge / Izuzetni izazov – Audio Book

Audio book as a mini novel in Croatian

by Ana Bilić

Level 1: Beginners – up to 800 words

Beginners: Learners who can use Croatian actively in the present tense and have passive understanding of the future and perfect tenses.

Ana Bilić: The Extraordinary Challenge / Izuzetni izazov (Mini novel)

In addition to the audio book we recommend also the book as a paperback or e-book: “The Extraordinary Challenge / Izuzetni izazov” by Ana Bilić.

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Lukas from Berlin and Barbara from Zagreb have been living together in Berlin for 3 years and want to get married. The wedding is going to take place in Zagreb, at Barbara’s parents’. The wedding preparations though involve such interesting surprises and turning points, that the young couple asks themselves in the end: Do we really want to get married.

Narrator’s voice: Danilo Wimmer
Author, Director and production: Ana Bilić
Sound recording and music: Danilo Wimmer
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