The Encounter / Susret (C1)

A mini novel with vocabulary section for learners of Croatian with English introduction

Level 5: Perfection Plus – up to 2,800 words 

Perfection Plus: Learners who actively use the present, future, perfect tenses and aspects of the verbs and have passive understanding of phrases and colloquial language


Edit is an elderly Zagreb widow who walks her Dalmatian pedigree dog Briska in the park every day. One afternoon, Haris, a Bosnian, also comes by the park with his mixed-breed dog Walter. Initial quarrelling about the dogs and their behaviour leads to open hostility and scuffling, but soon to discussion, which then turns into calm conversation and finally to a kind of understanding for the problems of the other. It’s obvious that the life tragedies of the two protagonists are incredibly similar and that they have more in common than they might think. A humorous and at the same time deeply human story.

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