The Date / Sastanak

Three short stories with vocabulary section for learners of Croatian with English introduction

by Ana Bilić

Level 5: Perfection Plus – up to 2,800 words 

Perfection Plus – for learners who actively use the present, future, perfect tenses and aspects of the verbs and have passive understanding of phrases and colloquial language


Exciting short stories – “The Date / Sastanak“, “Pendant / Privjesak” and “Balcony / Balkon” – tell about love, revenge and curiosity.
“The Date / Sastanak” tells about how a woman saves her marriage, in “Pendant / Privjesak” a nice old lady tells about the break-in at her home and in “Balcony / Balkon” a neighbor believes to have seen a corpse on the balcony next door.

Three intriguing and charming short stories with surprising punch lines that can be read in one breath. 

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