Mini Novels

The books from the series Croatian Made Easy are designed as reading materials that will help students of Croatian grow their vocabulary and enhance their command of the language. Each book is a mini novel whose theme, grammar and vocabulary are tailored to a specific study level – for easystarts, beginners, intermediate or advanced students. 

Level 0 – Easystarts | Level 1 – Beginners | Level 2 – Intermediate | Level 3 – Advanced

Level 0 – Easystarts
Ana Bilic: The Silver Lamp / Srebrna lampa, © Copyright Kroatisch-leicht, Wien Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Kopieren, Vervielfältigen und Weitergabe an Dritte verboten.
Level 1 – Beginners
Ana Bilić: The Extraordinary Challenge / Izuzetni izazov (Mini novel)
Ana Bilic: A Definite Thing / Definitivna stvar
Level 2 – Intermediate
Ana Bilic: Next to Me / Kraj mene
All Rights Reserved © 2018 Ana Bilic
Level 3 – Advanced
Ana Bilic: The Girlfrieds / Prijateljice
Ana Bilic: Summer Holiday in Istria / Ljetovanje u Istri
Ana Bilic: Departure / Odlazak © All Rights Reserved