A Definite Thing / Definitivna stvar

Ana Bilic: A Definite Thing / Definitivna stvar

A mini novel with vocabulary section for learners of Croatian with English introduction

by Ana Bilić

Level 1: Beginners – up to 800 words 
Beginner: Learners who can use Croatian actively in the present tense and have passive
understanding of the future and perfect tenses.

Josip and Valerija are 13 and they are in love with each other. Valerija is a dilligent schoolgirl, the only thing that Josip is interested to is football. But anyway they love each other, they daydream together and they get along with each other in an innocent way. Their parents know about this relationship, but they don’t know that Josip and Valerija make occasional excursions through Zagreb and environs. After Valerija had a quarrel with her best friend and Josip couldn’t stand the situation at home, they make another secret excursion. Their love will be put to the test there. A coming of age story of thirteen-year-olds where new questions arise and where they are forced to make new decisions in their life.

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