Croatian Simple Sentences 1 – Audio Book

Audio book in Croatian – Level: Easystarts (A1) by Ana Bilić

Level 0: Easystarts – up to 400 words

Easystarts: Learners who can use Croatian actively in the present tense.


The audio book “Croatian Simple Sentences 1” offers ready-made sentences for learning. They are grouped according to the topics that Croatian learners at the first level – A1 need. The simple sentences facilitate the use of Croatian in practice and they are of great help in the use of the Croatian language. 

In addition to the audio book we recommend the textbook: “Croatian Simple Sentences 1 – Textbook (A1)” in several formats such as printed paperback book or e-book.


Audio book only
  • Croatian sentences without English translation – recommended for all who have the textbook already
  • MP3 HQ Audio Files (320 kBit/s)
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Audio book with e-book
  • Complete e-book (ePub – playable with all operating systems)
  • MP3 HQ Audio Files (320 kBit/s)
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Narrators: Naida Jusufhodžić-Grbić, Nina Bilić, Danilo Wimmer
Author, director and producer: Ana Bilić
Sound recording: Danilo Wimmer
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