An Interesting Motive / Interesantan motiv

Short stories with Vocabulary Section

by Ana Bilić

Level 6: First Language – up to 3,500 words 

First Language – for learners who actively use the present, future, perfect tenses, aspects of the verbs, phrases and colloquial language.


The reading book consists of nine short stories written in a witty, cheerful and humorous way. There are different themes: the meaning of life at the time of puberty, stress on holiday, funny side of world history, what is it like to be a poet, what is it like to be a woman, what is it like to live without emotions, how to say goodbye properly, the true nature of a foreign language and the true nature of our language. The characters in the short stories observe the world around them in an unusual, but definitely a positive way. In the process, they always discover a new, different side to their life’s problems.

Reading sample

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Printed book: paperback edition –
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Reading Sample